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WildPlay Element Park Ropes Courses and Ziplines in Victoria

WildPlay Elements Park

A top adventure park in Victoria, WildPlay offers ropes courses, ziplines, axe throwing and other fun activities. It’s a wonderfully fun place!

For the attraction’s website and to book tickets, visit wildplay.com.

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This article includes the following information about WildPlay:

Where is WildPlay? | Hours and Admission| The Different Experiences | WildPlay’s Classic Course | Extreme Course | Kids’ Course | What’s To Fear Jump | Axe Throwing | Zipline Tours | Anti-Gravity Camps | Ropes Course Video | Tips & Advice | Other Information


WildPlay in Victoria


WildPlay Adventure Park in Victoria

One of three WildPlay parks in the province (along with Nanaimo and Maple Ridge), the Victoria site is home to a variety of exciting activities. The main feature of the park is its Adventure Course which consists of various obstacles and paths that you make your way along up high in the trees. The ziplines are also a highlight.

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Note: WildPlay opens for the 2024 season on February 17th.

For details about the venue’s Pro-D Day and summer camps, click WildPlay Anti-Gravity Camps.


WildPlay in Victoria


Where is WildPlay?

Located at 15-1767 Island Highway in Colwood, WildPlay is near the Juan de Fuca Rec Centre. It’s about 12 km from downtown Victoria, or a 25-minute drive depending on the traffic. Parking is free.

Other places of interest within a 10-minute drive of WildPlay are Hatley Castle, Thetis Lake Regional Park and Fort Rodd Hill.


Hours and Admission

During the spring, WildPlay is open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. In the summer, WildPlay operates daily from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. WildPlay then operates again on weekends in the fall, up until around mid-December. It then takes a break before starting back up again in mid-February, in time for the Family Day Long Weekend.

(Note: Exact days and hours of operation are subject to change.)


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The main attraction at WildPlay is its network of ropes courses which include zipline elements. As of early 2024, the Classic Course costs about $45 to $55 and is open to people of all ages. For another $15 you can add on the Extreme Course, or you can do that course on its own for about $30. The Kids Course is its own separate thing and costs $20 to $25.

Other activities at the attraction include Axe Throwing for about $20 to $25, and a Zipline Tour for $50 to $60. There’s also the “What’s To Fear Jump” (a.k.a. “WTF” Jump). It costs about $20 but can also be combined with other activities for $5 less. The Nanaimo location also has Bungy Jumping, and even Naked Bungy Jumping on special occasions!

There are a few Bundles on offer for those who want to take on multiple activities. The Triple Play Bundle in Victoria, for example, is $70 and covers both the Classic and Extreme Courses as well as the WTF Jump. If you do that bundle, it’ll save you $25.

The Do-It-All Deal, meanwhile, gives you access to all of the above, plus the Axe Throwing and Ziplining Tour. You can do all five of those activities with that bundle for $120. It includes the Classic and Extreme ropes courses, a session of Axe Throwing, the Ziplining Tour, and the What’s To Fear (WTF) Jump.

(Note: Rates listed are from February 2024. Prices and other details are subject to change.)


To learn more and to book your visit, see the WildPlay Victoria website.


Season’s Passes

If you want to go to WildPlay multiple times then a season’s pass is a really good deal. As of February 2024, they cost about $200 for adults and $140 for children (with a sale of $175 for adults and $120 for children).

With a season’s pass you can go on the Classic, Extreme and/or Kids’ ropes courses during the venue’s operating months (which are usually from around mid-February until December).


WildPlay Axe-Throwing Bullseye
Axe Throwing at WildPlay


The Different Experiences

No matter what you end up doing, expect to spend a decent amount of time at WildPlay, especially if you do one of the adventure courses. Also expect to have a fabulous time outdoors!

The Classic Course takes between around 60 and 120 minutes. The Extreme Course takes up to an additional hour or so. In total, expect to stay for at least a couple of hours.

Other activities like the Kids Course, zipline tour and axe throwing can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The shortest activity is the What’s To Fear (WTF) Jump, as it’s just a jump from a tall platform back to the ground. Including instructions, prep time and climbing up to the platform, the activity takes about 10 minutes or a little bit more. The actual jump lasts for just a few seconds.

Keep reading for a brief description of each of the main attractions at WildPlay.


WildPlay Summer Camps


WildPlay’s Classic Course

WildPlay is famous for its ropes courses. There are three different sections in the Classic Course. Each is distinct, so you fully come back to the ground in between each of them. This gives you a chance to catch your breath if you need to.

The easiest of the three sections is the green course. The most difficult (and highest) is the red course. It also has the best and longest ziplines. In the middle is the blue course.

Participants must be at least 5 years old and 4 feet 8 inches tall. Also, there is a maximum weight of 300 pounds. This course is a good experience for people of all ages. A fair amount of physical strength, endurance and balance is required, but you don’t have to be super fit or strong.

Up a few dozen feet in the air, participants move from tree to tree while facing a variety of different obstacles. There are cables to walk across and a variety of wobbly bridges. There are also a number of ziplines and things to swing from.

The Classic Course is the activity that takes the most time of any at WildPlay. Expect to spend between one and two hours to do the full course.


WildPlay Classic Course
Classic Course at WildPlay Victoria


Extreme Course

This course can be done either as an addition to the Classic Course or on its own as a shorter adventure. A step up from the Classic Course, the Extreme Course is great for the younger or bolder visitors. It’s not for everyone (but those who do it have a blast)!

Unlike the Classic Course, there is only one section of obstacles, so you don’t come down and then go back up again partway through.

The Extreme Course is similar to the Classic Course, but higher up in the trees and more difficult. The Extreme Course is shorter in overall distance, but some of the individual elements within it are quite long (including some of the ziplines).

This course requires much more physical strength, at least on some of the elements. If you do the Extreme Course, expect to be challenged and to have a thrilling time. You might even get freaked out a couple of times, but that’s part of the adventure!


To learn more and to book your visit, see the WildPlay Victoria website.


The Kids’ Course

Specifically designed for those ages 5 to 12, the Kids’ Course is much lower to the ground than the other two courses. It’s only around 15 or so feet off the ground. It has low-intensity obstacles that are fun for children.

There is only one section on the Kids’ Course, and it’s fairly short. With admission, however, participants can go around twice.


What’s To Fear Jump (WTF)

This jump is a fairly unique experience; it’s like a controlled bungy jump, but one where you don’t bounce back up and then down again. The setup is pretty simple. You climb up a ladder to the top of a 40-foot platform and then jump off.

Of course, from the ground to the platform and back down to the ground, you’re tightly strapped into a harness the entire time. It’s a very controlled descent. You don’t plummet at top speed; rather, the harness and its rope system glide you down to the ground and you land on your feet. An attendant provides instructions and oversees the entire jump.

This isn’t something for the fainthearted. Jumping from a height of 40 feet can be scary! It’s all very safe, however, and it’s not a freefall. You fall fast, but not at a crazy speed.

Similar to the adventure courses, you have to be at least 5 years old to jump, with a maximum weight of 285 pounds.


WildPlay Element Parks


Axe Throwing at WildPlay

The one ground-bound activity at WildPlay, the axe throwing has the oldest age requirement due to the fact that a heavy sharp object is involved. You have to be at least 12 years old to participate.

The axes themselves are small hatchets, so not difficult to throw. They do, however, require practice. Don’t expect to get a bullseye on your first toss. Over the course of your session, you’ll gradually get better.

In the axe-throwing activity, participants are given their own lane that is fully covered on (almost) all sides. As a result, there’s little risk of an axe flying off somewhere unexpected (unless you throw it backwards). You can spend up to an hour throwing, so there’s plenty of time to get in a groove!


To learn more and to book your visit, see the WildPlay Victoria website.


WildPlay Zipline Tours

The most expensive activity at WildPlay (and arguably the most fun), is the Victoria site’s top-tier zipline tour. There are six different ziplines that participants strap themselves into, with a couple of walks across canopy bridges in between.

A unique and beautiful way to explore the Victoria rainforest, the highest lines reach around 90 feet above the ground. If you enjoy ziplines, you’ll like these ones.

You must be at least 7 years old to ride the ziplines. You also have to weigh between 100 and 300 pounds to ride solo. For those under 100 pounds who want to take part, they can ride in tandem with a guide.


WildPlay Summer Camps


Anti-Gravity Camps

People of all ages can book adventures at WildPlay and do the ropes courses on their own with their friends and families. Children and youth, however, can also participate in day camps.

In 2024, there are one-day Anti-Gravity Camps for youth between the ages of 7 and 14 on a number of school Pro-D days in April and May. There are also weeklong day camps that run from Mondays to Fridays for youth ages 10 to 14 in July and August.

For details about the camps, see the WildPlay website.


WildPlay Ropes Course Video

The following video is of the Classic Course at WildPlay in Victoria. As you’ll see, the course has a wide range of ropes course elements. It also has lots of ziplines!



Tips & Advice

Below are some suggestions and extra things to know.

TIP #1: While it’s possible to walk in and get a spot on the courses without a reservation, you might have to wait for a bit when you do so. To guarantee a spot, book online in advance. Fill out your waiver form in advance as well to make things smoother.

TIP #2: Dog lovers are allowed to bring their pooches to the park, but must keep them on leash. Obviously, dogs are not allowed on the ropes course elements or ziplines. They can, however, watch along with friends and family members from the ground.

TIP #3: If you’re running late, make sure to call WildPlay before your scheduled time. If you do so, they will try to fit you into another time slot later in the day.

TIP #4: If you miss your scheduled time without warning, or cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled time, there are no refunds. If you cancel over 24 hours in advance, or if the park has to close due to poor weather, you’ll get a refund.

TIP #5: The venue is in the trees and very shaded. In colder months, wear warm clothes.

TIP #6: Go to the bathroom as soon as you arrive. After you put your harness on, using the facilities becomes much more challenging!


Other Information

For more information visit the WildPlay Element Park website.

To learn about the Lower Mainland’s venue, click WildPlay in Maple Ridge.

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