Victoria Bug Zoo

The Victoria Bug Zoo is a great little museum in downtown Victoria that’s all about bugs, spiders, insects and other creepy crawly creatures.

The Bug Zoo Museum

The Victoria Bug Zoo showcases over 40 different species including everything from stick bugs to praying mantis to scorpions to tarantulas. In addition to having display cases full of bugs, the zoo also has tour guides to tell you all about the various critters. Join one of the complementary tours and you might even get to hold some of the creatures.

The zoo isn’t large, with just a couple of rooms. It has a fair bit to see though, and the commentary by the guides is very interesting.

Victoria Bug Zoo


Admission is about $14 for adults, $10 for seniors and university students and $8 for children (ages 5 to 17). An annual pass costs $28.

Bug Zoo Location

The Victoria Bug Zoo is located at 631 Courtney Street just off Douglas Street not far from Miniature World and the Empress Hotel right downtown. There are entrance signs on Douglas Street and Humboldt as well, although entering via those streets means walking through a bit of an indoor maze to get to the zoo. Especially if you have mobility issues, it’s best to head straight to the main Courtney Street entrance.

Holding a Bug Zoo Scorpion

Other Information

The facility is wheel chair accessible. The facility isn’t large, however, so strollers are not permitted in the exhibit area.

The Victoria Bug Zoo is an especially good place for young children. Children age 12 and under, however, must always be accompanied by an adult.

TIP #1: Join in one of the mini tours. The tour guide commentary is what makes the admission worth paying for.

TIP #2: Unless you are truly petrified of bugs and fear you might drop it, if you get the opportunity be brave and volunteer to hold a bug. It might be freaky at the time, but it’s not every day that you get to actually hold a tarantula or scorpion in the palm of your hand! (Note: to hold a bug you need to be of a minimum age.)

Holding a Bug Zoo Tarantula

For more information see the Victoria Bug Zoo website.