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Galey Farms in Victoria

Galey Farms on Blenkinsop Road

Galey Farms is a farm in Victoria. It’s also an attraction with a miniature train and seasonal activities at Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

The farm grows pumpkins, berries and other produce.


Victoria’s Galey Farms

Galey Farms is a family-owned operation in the Blenkinsop Valley that grows a variety of fresh produce. Popular vegetables available at the on-site market include carrots, nugget potatoes, sweet corn, berries and more. The farm is also where you’ll find Babe’s Honey products, which is a locally-owned brand of honey.

Don and Mary Galey originally opened a dairy farm in Cordova Bay. They later moved the farm to its current location in 1985. After operating strictly as an agricultural farm for a number of years, Galey Farms has since expanded into a tourist attraction with a fun train and corn maze. The farm also hosts a number of special events throughout the year.


Galey Farm Train & Corn Maze

Galey Farms is home to a wonderful train that tours the premises at certain times of the year. The train is large with an impressive capacity of about 168 people. Its engine is a replica of the C.P. Huntington from the 1800s.

The train takes guests around the fields and all the way past Blenkinsop Creek. In total, the train travels over a mile per trip and each ride lasts around 20 minutes.


Giant Gnome at Galey Farms
Giant Gnome Along the Railway


Admission to Galey Farms

Tickets in the fall season typically include access to the farm’s train, corn maze and haunted attraction. Prices in the past were the following. Prices for the 2024 fall season are to be confirmed.

  • Adults (ages 13+) – $20
  • Children (ages 12 and under) – $15
  • Family Pass (2 adults and 2 children) – $55

Note: Tax was not included in the prices above and tickets were subject to additional online fees.

Prices at other times of the year vary, but are similar.


Galey Farms in Autumn
Galey Farms Village


What to Expect

There is more to Galey Farms than just a farm with fields full of produce, that’s for sure!

At its entrance on Benkinsop Road there is a fairly large parking area beside the farm’s fruit and vegetable stand building. At the stand they sell fresh produce.

If you drive into the farm, past the fruit and vegetable stand, there is a lot more parking! That’s where people park when there are events going on.

Near the entrance to the farm is a covered area. That’s where there’s sometimes live music and entertainment. Also close by is a building where the Halloween haunted house takes place in October.

Further back into the farm, but not too far away, is the railway station where you can catch the miniature train which goes all the way around the outer edge of the farm. Also nearby is the entrance to the Corn Maze. In the Corn Maze area you’ll find lots of corn, in addition to a little village. You’ll also see a replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

In the far back corner of the farm are fields where they grow pumpkins. In autumn you can take a tractor hay ride to the pumpkin patch.

Galey Farms is an interesting place that’s especially popular with young families.


Egyptian Sphinx at Galey Farms
Galey Farms Sphinx


Other Information

For more information about the attraction, visit the Galey Farms website.

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