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Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria

Christ Church Cathedral

One of the most historic churches in Victoria, Christ Church Cathedral is the biggest Anglican Church on Vancouver Island.

Christ Church Cathedral is a worthwhile destination for folks seeking a blend of architectural grandeur, historical significance and spiritual tranquility. The iconic Anglican cathedral exterior captivates visitors with its intricate stonework and almost Notre Dame-like spires (although the Victoria ones are proportionately shorter). As you step inside, the interior reveals beautiful stained glass windows, majestic arches, and a serene atmosphere that invites quiet contemplation.

Tourists can explore the cathedral’s fascinating history through guided tours which usually take place in August and September. On the tours you’ll learn about the building’s construction, renovations, and the role the cathedral has played in the community over the years. The cathedral also hosts various events from time to time, including musical performances and spiritual services.

Whether you’re interested in architecture, history or simply a peaceful retreat, a visit to Christ Church Cathedral promises a memorable and enriching experience. It’s an interesting place for a quick visit, both for curious locals and tourists. For many, it’s also an important place for worship.


Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church on Courtney Street and Quadra


Victoria’s Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral is located just a few blocks from Victoria’s Inner Harbour at 930 Burdett Avenue. It’s the central cathedral for the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia. Despite its name, the diocese doesn’t cover the entire province, rather just Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Although the current church’s building was erected in 1929, the history of Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria dates back over 150 years. Today the church continues to hold services every week and different events throughout the year.

This building isn’t to be confused with Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver. The Vancouver church is also worth visiting, and it too fulfills a similar role as the central cathedral for the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster. The two churches are separate entities, however, but within the same protestant Christian denomination.


Inside Christ Church Cathedral


The Cathedral’s Design

Victoria’s Christ Church Cathedral is designed in the Gothic Revival style. The majority of the building is made of stone, although there is some brick as well as wood finishing on the interior. The exterior is dominated by the two large towers that flank the main entrance.

Notably, construction of the building used primarily local materials. The sandstone was from Saysutshun Park, the granite was from Nelson Island, and materials for the roof came from Jervis Inlet. The wood you’ll see came from various places on Vancouver Island.

One of the cathedral’s towers contains a set of ten bells that weighs over 15,000 pounds combined. They are modelled after the bells at Westminster Abbey in England and they continue to ring today.


Christ Church Cathedral


Visiting Christ Church Cathedral

As of the last time we checked, the cathedral is open to the public from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays and 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays.

There are services held on every day except Saturday. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday there is a morning prayer at 8:45 am. On Wednesday the prayer is held over Zoom, but there is still an in-person communion at 12:15 pm.

There are three services on Sunday. The first two are Holy Communion at 8:00 am and again at 10:30 am. Then, at 4:00 pm, there is a Choral Evensong. The 10:30 am and 4:00 pm services can be watched online on the Christ Church Cathedral website.

(Note: The above times and details are subject to change. See the Cathedral’s website for the most up-to-date details.)


What There is to See

There is no admission fee required to visit the church. It’s all open to the public. Donations, however, are greatly appreciated.

When there isn’t a service taking place, visitors can check out the beautiful interior of the cathedral at their own pace. Inside the building you can see a collection of stained glass windows, a 4,000 pipe organ, and the beautiful architecture of the interior.

As well, there is a library inside that can be browsed from 1:00 to 2:30 pm on Tuesdays or by appointment. Outside, the cathedral is surrounded by small lawns. There is also a labyrinth. It’s not a maze; rather, it’s a flat stone circle with a seven-circuit pattern on it. Walking the labyrinth can be a rewarding meditative experience.

During non-pandemic times, Christ Church Cathedral offers Guided Tours of the property. They usually happen in August and September.


Inside Christ Church Cathedral


Other Information

For more information, visit the Christ Church Cathedral Website.

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