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Parks in Greater Victoria

Beacon Hill Park

Victoria is home to a large number of beautiful parks and places in nature that are free to visit. Below are some of the city’s best and most popular.


Victoria’s Parks

  • Beacon Hill Park – Victoria’s large world-famous park that’s located just a short distance from downtown. Beacon Hill Park has duck ponds, children’s play areas, a petting zoo in the summer, flower gardens, walking trails and a beach. Except for the petting zoo, most things at the park are free and the entire place is highly recommended.
  • Mount Doug Park – a mountain in the northeast corner of the city with walking trails, a rocky beach and the best views of the ocean and surrounding area.
  • Mount Tolmie – a popular mountain with walking trails and stunning views of the city.
  • Willows Beach – a long sandy beach in the Oak Bay neighbourhood of Victoria.
  • Thetis Lake Regional Park – a small lake with a beach surrounded by forest and walking trails.
  • Elk Lake and Beaver Lake – a large lake and a smaller one with beaches and forested trails.


Beach at Thetis Lake Park
Thetis Lake Regional Park


Other Parks in the Region

Provincial and regional parks further from town include the following:


Cordova Bay View from Mt Doug
View of Cordova Bay from Mount Doug


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