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Victoria’s Fairmont Empress Hotel

Empress Hotel in the Inner Harbour

The Fairmont Empress Hotel is the almost castle-like hotel in Victoria’s Inner Harbour that’s famous for its English Teas, history and stunning appearance.

Located at 721 Government Street, not only is the Empress Hotel a beautiful first-class place to stay, but it’s also a National Historic Site.

The Empress Hotel

Built in 1908 by the Canadian Pacific Railroad company, the impressive Edwardian-style building is arguably Victoria’s most recognizable landmark. The Empress Hotel is expensive and its rooms tend to be small, but it’s an experience to stay in.

Even if you don’t stay at the Empress, do still go inside and check it out. The English Teas there are exquisite and famous the world over, the entrance and interior are quite grand, and unless you look really out of place nobody will stop you from going in and having a look around, at least on the main floor and in the main public areas.

Other Canadian cities have similar hotels. Vancouver, for example, has the historic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

The Empress Hotel

TIP: If you’re downtown at the Inner Harbour and looking for a washroom, the Empress Hotel has nice ones down the stairs by the entrance closest to the Parliament Buildings and Royal BC Museum. Just don’t tell them we told you so!

TRIVIA: Guess what the highest paid position is at the Empress Hotel, even more than the General Manager (or at least it has been in the past). The Tea Servers! No, really! Including tips, which tend to be high, being a Tea Server at the Empress is a very lucrative job!

To book a room or for more information, click the Fairmont Hotel‘s website.