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Willows Beach in Victoria’s Oak Bay

Willows Beach in Oak Bay

Willows Beach is a beach and park located in the municipality of Oak Bay. It’s a popular place with a sandy beach and beautiful views.


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Oak Bay’s Willows Beach

Willows Beach is located between the end of Bowker Avenue and Cattle Point. It stretches about five blocks and is one of the most popular beaches in Victoria in the summer. Visitors can find a children’s play area, washrooms, a large field and also a concession stand at the beach.


What to Expect at the Beach

In the summer you’ll see people swimming in the ocean, playing volleyball and spike-ball games, enjoying picnics, and having a wonderful time on the walkway and beach.

You’ll get a nice view of Mt. Baker, the Olympic Mountains and Mary Tod Island (also known as Jimmy Chicken Island by the locals) if you look across the water from the beach on a clear day. Visitors can also see the Oak Bay Marina and Discovery and the Chatham Islands in the distance. It’s a beautiful spot!


Willows Beach in Victoria
The View from Willows Beach


The Kiwanis Tea Room

The Tea Room is a concession-style establishment that is open from May until September from around 10:00 am until 4:30 pm. Volunteers from the local Kiwanis Club run the Tea Room and employ students from the University of Victoria and high schools in the community.

You can find a variety of treats including ice cream, French fries, hot dogs, burgers, beverages and other canteen-style snack foods at the Tea Room. On Sunday mornings in recent years, there have been special $10 breakfast deals where you can get a full breakfast meal with an amazing view.


Summer Concerts

In July and August of most years, weekly summer concerts take place on the grassy field at Willows. Anyone can attend for free. Attendees bring chairs and a picnic, or just sit on the ground and enjoy the music. All are welcome at this event (including pets).


Animals at the Beach

Dogs can go on the beach (both on- and off-leash) from October 1st to April 30th. Beginning in May, however, dogs are not permitted on the beach at all until the end of September. This is to protect the local wildlife that uses the beach as a nesting ground during this time. Also, many picnickers and beachgoers don’t appreciate wet dogs running through their setups on the beach, nor their droppings.


Willows Beach in Early Spring
The Park’s Long Sandy Beach


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