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American Crown Circus Circo Osorio in Victoria in 2023


Circo Osorio Circus

American Crown Circus Circo Osorio was in Victoria at Thanksgiving. The circus was at Mayfair Mall from October 5th to 9th in 2023.


For more details about the circus in Victoria, see the American Crown Circus website.


Circo Osorio Circus in Victoria

Circo Osorio Circus is a circus company based in Las Vegas but with Mexican roots. Full of international talent, the group of performers tours the United States and Canada each year. In 2023, their “Run Away with the Circus” show visited Victoria from October 5th to 9th. The shows took place in a Big Top outside Mayfair Shopping Centre located at 3147 Douglas Street. 2024 dates and details are to be confirmed.

The circus always puts on loud and thrilling shows with a Latin flavour. Exotic animals aren’t involved in any of the acts. Instead, the shows are full of talented acrobats, clowns and other traditional types of circus performers. When it returns, you can expect to see the Wheel of Destiny, acrobats doing flips, motorcycles doing tricks in a steel globe, and other amazing acts.

The family-friendly shows usually take place in a huge tent and run for about an hour and a half with a short intermission. There’s a concession area selling snacks and drinks, as well as a souvenir stand with balloons, toys, light-up toys and more.


Circo Osorio in Victoria and Nanaimo


2023 Circus Schedule

The Circo Osorio Circus stopped for shows in Abbotsford, Surrey and Tsawwassen in September of 2023. The circus moved to Nanaimo for a few days, before hosting shows in Victoria from Thursday, October 5th, until Monday, October 9th. That was the Thanksgiving Long weekend. There were at least two shows taking place each day including on the holiday Monday, when there was only one performance.

American Crown Circus Circo Osorio kicked off their time in Victoria with shows at 5:00 and 7:00 pm on the Thursday. Showtimes were the same on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, there was an additional show at 3:00 pm on both the Saturday and Sunday. The circus closed with two shows on the Thanksgiving Monday, with one at 5:00 pm and the other at 7:00.


Circo Osorio Circus Big Top


Circus Ticket Prices

General admission to Circo Osorio Circus cost $25 to $30 for everyone ages 11 and above in 2023. As an added bonus, each ticket purchased online came with two free passes for children between the ages of 1 and 10. Additional tickets for children cost about $10 each when purchased online.

2024 ticket prices are to be confirmed.


For more details, see the American Crown Circus website.


Circo Osorio Circus Video

The following video shows scenes from the circus when it visited Victoria in October of 2023. There was an impressive variety of acrobatics and stunts to enjoy. The show was very entertaining!



Tips and Suggestions

The following tips are good to know before attending the Circo Osorio Circus shows.

TIP #1: Seating is not reserved. If you want one of the best seats, be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before the show, or at least 45 before if you want a spot right by the stage. We recommend sitting as close to the action as possible (unless you have a bad neck in which case you might want to sit further back).

TIP #2: There are no bad seats. You can see really well even at the back of the venue.

TIP #3: Circo Osorio Circus tickets are available online. All purchases at the venue are cash only. This includes tickets at the door, snacks, drinks and everything else. There’s usually an ATM machine on site, plus there are banks at the mall.

TIP #4: Cameras are allowed throughout the show. Don’t be scared to pull out your phone and record or photograph some of the excitement! During the show the photos are free. At intermission, if you want a picture of your kids with one of the performers, there is usually a charge of about $5.


Other Information

For more information about the circus, visit the American Crown Circus Circo Osorio website.

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