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Beyond Van Gogh in Victoria


Beyond Van Gogh in Victoria

Beyond Van Gogh is an immersive art exhibition that showcases the works of Vincent Van Gogh. It’s in Victoria for the summer of 2023.

The attraction was going to be in town from June 20th until August 20th. Due to popular demand, however, its stay has been extended until September 30th!

If you like art, especially art by Vincent Van Gogh, you’ll want to check this out! It’s beautiful, educational and impressive.


For tickets and full details about the exhibition, visit the Van Gogh Victoria website.


Beyond Van Gogh in Victoria


Beyond Van Gogh Immersive Experience in Victoria

Beyond Van Gogh is a touring exhibition that has already impressed visitors in the United States and Canada. It visited the Metro Vancouver in early 2023. The exhibition is now in Victoria for the summer.

The immersive experience features huge digital displays in a 30,000 square-foot space built especially for the event in Victoria. The screens showcase images from more than 300 paintings by the famous Dutch artist including The Starry Night (1889) and Sunflowers (1888).

With all sorts of far and closeup shots of the brushstrokes, the attraction is a wonderful way to explore Van Gogh’s paintings in detail. At the venue there is also an accompanying soundtrack, an optional virtual reality experience and a gift shop full of beautiful souvenirs.

Note: In addition to the immersive exhibition, instructors from One Yoga Victoria lead Beyond Yoga sessions on the Saturday mornings of July 15th and August 12th. Participants at the yoga events need to bring their own water, mats and towels.


Beyond Van Gogh at Bayview Place
Beyond Van Gogh at Bayview Place


Hours & Location

The immersive exhibition is in Victoria from June 20th until September 30th in 2023. Hours of operation are from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. The place closes one hour later on Fridays and Saturdays. On Mondays the venue is closed all day. (Note: Exact times and dates are subject to change.)

Beyond Van Gogh is at Bayview Place at 355 Catherine Street. It’s in Vic West, not far from Spinnakers Brewpub, just a 5 to 10-minute drive from downtown Victoria, Bastion Square and the Inner Harbour.

To get to the attraction, coming from downtown, you cross the Johnson Street Bridge, continue around a kilometre or so along Esquimalt Road, and then turn left on Catherine Street.

TIP: Bayview Place is right by the Songhees which is on the waterfront and a beautiful place to walk. The venue is also right by Spinnakers which is a great spot for a drink and bite to eat either before or after your immersive Van Gogh experience.


Visit vangoghvictoria.com for tickets and full details about the exhibition.


Beyond Van Gogh


Ticket Prices

Tickets for Beyond Van Gogh are available online with set entry times. Admission prices depend on your age and the day you go. Prices are higher during peak times, which includes most weekends.

Premium Flex tickets allow you to enter two hours before or after your selected time. VIP tickets include the same flexible entry time, but also the virtual reality experience and some souvenir Beyond Van Gogh merchandise.

Prices to visit at off-peak times (as of the last time we checked) are listed below (plus online service fees but including taxes).

  • Adults (ages 16+) – $31.99
  • Seniors (ages 65+) – $28.99
  • Students (ages 25 and under) – $28.99
  • Children (ages 5 to 15) – $23.99
  • Little Kids (ages 4 and under) – Free
  • Premium Flex – $48.99
  • VIP – $73.99

Below are ticket prices for peak times.

  • Adults (ages 16+) – $41.99
  • Children (ages 5 to 15) – $28.99
  • Little Kids (ages 4 and under) – Free
  • Premium Flex – $58.99
  • VIP – $83.99

Beyond Yoga sessions happen on the mornings of July 15th and August 12th. They cost $51.99 for all ages (which includes general admission to the attraction).

Parking at the venue costs $10. There is also street parking in the area that’s free and good for a couple of hours.


Visit vangoghvictoria.com for tickets and full details about the exhibition.


Beyond Van Gogh in Victoria


What to Expect

Beyond Van Gogh features a few separate areas to explore. First, everyone enters the Introduction Hall with displays full of text. It’s a place where you get to read and learn all about Vincent Van Gogh. It’s a neat room! After this there is a “waterfall room” with soothing music and waterfall-like sparkling images flowing down a wall.

Interestingly, for one of us, the waterfall room was nice, but not as amazing as other parts of the exhibition. It was just okay. For the other person in our group of two, however, this second room was their favourite part of the whole thing (which shows that everyone is different)!

The next area is the main part of the immersive experience. It features continuous animations and projections. In the large room, you’ll see tall digital displays showcasing numerous paintings in great detail. You’ll find yourself surrounded by images of the works of Vincent Van Gogh, with art to see on all four walls and all of the other structures around you, including on the floor. The animated sequence lasts for about 35 minutes and is on a continuous loop (so it doesn’t matter when you start to experience it).

After you’ve admired the exhibition, the last area of Beyond Van Gogh offers a virtual reality experience called Beyond Van Gogh: A Life in Letters. It’s included with VIP admission, but costs extra for people paying for just general admission. The VR experience lasts for about 10 minutes and with it you feel like you’re inside some of Van Gogh’s paintings with the scenery all around you. It’s a cool experience!

On your way out, there’s a gift shop with all sorts of merchandise, as well as a neat backdrop for souvenir photos.


Beyond Van Gogh Video

For a really good idea of what to expect at Beyond Van Gogh, check out the following video. It shows scenes of the attraction in Victoria. (Note: Some scenes were taken with a very wide angle lens from up high, which gives it a different perspective. Also, the music we used in this video is Ambient Piano & Strings by Daddy S Music (from Pixabay).



Who Was Van Gogh?

Vincent Van Gogh was an artist from the Post-Impressionist era in the 19th century. He lived from 1853 until 1890. Some of his most famous works include “The Starry Night”, “Café Terrace at Night” and “Sunflowers”.

His paintings are easily recognizable to this day because of a few distinct traits. Van Gogh typically used vibrant colours with thick brush strokes. His pieces are mostly unrealistic and full of abstract shapes and forms. He was also known to distort objects in different ways. When combined together, all of these attributes made up a unique style that set his paintings apart from others during his time.

At the exhibition you’ll see and learn about the Dutch artist’s paintings, but also a bit about his troubled life.


Other Information

For more information about the experience, visit the Van Gogh Victoria website.

To learn about the exhibition when it was in Surrey BC in the spring of 2023, see the VancouversBestPlaces.com website.

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